Your Children’s Education in Florida

When you move your family, there is a lot to think about.  A large concern for parents is their children’s education.  Whether you are moving to a different county or from a different state, school districts can vary greatly.

If you have children, you want to make sure they receive the best education possible.  While some areas have specific schools zoned for them, it is important to know your options as a parent. For instance, is there a charter school nearby that may be better?  Does a specific high school have a program for your child’s future interests such as an engineering program like STEM?  Some school districts now allow students to pick the high school that will best suit their future endeavors.  To find out more about the local schools visit

When you find out the school that your child will be attending, do not be afraid to get involved.  Parent Teacher Associations and School Advisory Committees are all great ways that parents can be involved in their child’s school.  Parent’s also have the option to volunteer at school sponsored events, in the classroom, and on field trips.  Check with your school district to see if there is any paperwork that you need to submit early on as sometimes background checks can take a few weeks.

Lastly, each state and county has different regulations on testing.  Recently, Florida has started to retire the FCAT, a form of standardized testing for students from third grade to tenth grade.  End of course exams are now used to check student’s progress in a subject at the end of the year.  The best way to find out about mandatory testing that your student must pass to graduate is to talk to the school and your student’s teacher.




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