The fact that advancing technology is changing the world daily is nothing new.  However, how has it impacted real estate?  No longer is the real estate business a 9 to 5 deal.  Technology has allowed homes to constantly be placed on websites and updates to occur in moments.  If you are not using technology, you could be falling behind.  When you are looking for an agent, be sure to find someone that is up to date on the latest changes in the market and someone who understands the value of technology.


Technology has increased transparency and speed.  Emailing and instant messaging has allowed communication to become instantaneous.  Different websites can allow potential buyers such as yourself to search availability and pricing.  Real time data on these websites allows everyone in the process (buyers, sellers, agents) to get information on the property any day or time.  Buyers can be more informed by compiling online research that they conducted themselves to narrow their buying interests.


While technology has allowed many advancements, it has also allowed communication to primarily be through e-mail, texting, and media.  Though useful, also make sure that you have an agent who can communicate face-to-face.  Technology can be a tool that an agent can use, but you still want someone that knows more than what is simply found online.  An agent that knows the area can best help you to find your dream home while also helping you to decipher the research you found.

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