Looking to Buy

Deciding to buy a home can be a big step, especially if you are a first-time buyer.  However, regardless if this is your first or your fourth house, there are always important aspects that you should ask about and research.

When you start to think about buying, think about your wants, interests, how long you want to commute.  Have these thoughts in mind when you begin looking at the areas you want to possibly live in, and even more when looking at the final decisions for buying a house.  Think about your future.  Will you be needing an extra room in the future for possible children or guests?  Will there need to be enough room on the property for your vehicles?

Having the house inspected is the first step to catching many of the problems that could arise.  Odors in the house which may seem miniscule at first can over time become a problem.  Is there a nearby landfill?  Pet odor from neighbors?

Furthermore, will the interior of the house work for you?  If you enjoy natural light, make sure to let your agent know so that you can see the best properties for you.  Ceiling and door heights, size of rooms, and interior layout may be something that you do not think about in the moment of buying a house but can easily be something that you regret down the road.

Past just the house, you should also be looking at the neighborhood.  What are the crime rates in the area?  If you have children, make sure that you look at the schools in the area.  How about the neighbors? If you want to resell the house in the future, will the condition of the neighbor’s houses be a benefit or a detriment?

Take the time to think about the important things to you when beginning to look for a house and consult your agent to save you time during the process.


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