Looking at Central Florida

Looking to buy in Central Florida?  You have made the choice to look at this beautiful state to live in with year-round warm weather, sunny beaches, and entertainment for all. If you are looking to move to Florida from up north, there are some big differences.  First off, basements in Florida are few and far between.  If you know that you are going to need a lot of storage room, you may want to factor in paying for a storage unit.  Furthermore, you want to consider the weather, specifically the hot weather.  When buying a home see if there are insulated windows.  If there is not, you will want to think about possibly investing in some to keep the cool air inside during the summer months.  Another money saver are solar panels.  Solar panels can help to keep not only your electricity bill low, but also help to heat your water.  This can be put to good use when there are power outages, ensuring accessibility to hot water.


Living in Florida means you have the opportunity to be outdoors for a large amount of the year.  Of course, Florida is home to some of the most beautiful beaches.  However, if the beach is not for you or you are not interested in making the drive, you will want to think about possibly investing in a pool or live in a community with a pool.


You will also want to think about your commute.  A commute that is only thirty minutes in good traffic can easily become one hour during rush hour.  If you want to avoid the interstate, try picking a house that is closer to the Greenway (if you do not mind paying for tolls).  Or be sure to live close enough to where you want to work.  If you are wanting to live close to the attractions, Orlando, or the beach, you can expect heavier traffic due to tourists.


Moving to Florida opens up your life to year-round fun in the sun and entertainment like the theme parks, sports, and beaches.  As with any area you are looking to move to, you want to do your research to make sure you are moving to the best place for you.



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