A Polished Look

Whether you are a buyer or a seller you know the importance of how a home looks.  However, how do you make a house presentable to someone who may have different tastes than you?  When looking to buy a house, you are trying to imagine you living in the house with your family.  When you are viewing a house that may have totally different tastes than yourself, it may be hard to picture your life in that home.  As the seller, what can you do to help potential buyers feel more comfortable when looking to buy your home?

The first step is to pick a neutral pallet.  Although you may love those neon green and pink throw pillows, perhaps try for a neutral gray or brown.  If you want to repaint the room before selling, try to repaint a color that has a neutral hue.  This will not only help to make the room more appealing, but also clean up any hand prints or marks on the walls.  Perhaps you live happily with organized clutter. However, to someone else who may prefer tidiness, it can be hard to imagine clean and uncluttered.  When selling, try to put yourself in the potential buyer’s perspective.  Not everyone is going to have the same tastes, but there are ways to make a home look neutral while still presenting the style of the homeowner.

If you have a smaller room, perhaps try to let more light into the room by opening a window or blinds when showing the house to make it appear more open and welcoming.  You may also try to add some mirrors to make the room appear larger.  Grouping furniture together will not only allow the room to look cozier but also make the space appear larger.

A polished look can go a long way when viewing a house.  As always, your realtor will be able to give you the best advice that will suit your home.

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